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Mehdi – Agriculture (Fuzuli Region, Azerbaijan)

Mehdi is an IDP (Internally Displaced Person). He is a refugee from Fuzuli city who now lives in the Fuzuli region. He is 22 years old. He is single and has no children. Mehdi has been a herdsman and cattle breeder for two years. Now he is seeking funds to buy cows to increase his […]

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Fwzy – Water Distribution (Taiz, Yemen)

Fwzy, 29 years old, is an ambitious man working in water distribution. His business is doing very well, and he is planning to expand his business. He wants to buy two water containers and hundreds of water bottles to start serving new customers. Fwzy believes that this loan is going to be a turning point […]

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Mohamad – Barber (Ain, Lebanon)

Mohamad is a 27-year-old single man who has worked as a barber since 2008. He is well known in his region and has a good reputation, which has helped him in making a lot of trusting friendships. This has also helped in improving his business. With his loan, Mohamad will buy tools and make necessary […]

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Motia – Food Retail (Sana’a, Yemen)

Motia is a 24-year-old single man who lives in Sana`a, Yemen. He opened his own grocery store to earn an income. He has seven years experience in business, and he hopes his skills will help him. He is a hard worker, putting much effort into improving his family’s living conditions. Motia’s loan will be used […]

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Ghassan – Food Retail (Ain Al Helwi, Lebanon)

Ghassan is a 48-year-old married man and a father of five children. He has owned a convenience store since 2003, selling various products from foodstuffs to candies, beverages and detergents. Ghassan has faced financial hardships due to lack of capital, but with his determination and the support of his wife who helps him in the […]

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Walid – Retail (Chtoura, Lebanon)

Walid is a 22-year-old, single man, who opened a convenience store in Chtoura, Lebanon, nearly two years ago. He is doing well in his business but lack of access to capital makes it hard to expand the basis. His loan will allow him to increase inventory and further develop his business, and is provided as […]

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Zaman – Food retail (Iraq)

Zaman is 35 years old and single. He lives with six family members, three of whom are employed. Zaman owns a small café that he established in 2010, and he now has an employee. He built up experience in the field, and is well known in the surrounding area with an excellent reputation. Zaman is […]

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Bilal – Agricultural greenhouse supply (Palestinian Territory)

Bilal, age 29, has operated a greenhouse for the past five years. He grows different types of seasonal crops, which has been a profitable project and the family’s only source of income. He and his wife live in a small, peaceful village that is famous for its greenhouse agriculture. Bilal wants to expand his project […]

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