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Suren – Agriculture (Shirakavan Village, Shirak Region, Armenia)

Suren is involved in agriculture. He keeps 5 cows and 50 chickens, cultivates wheat and also owns a plot of land where apple and pear trees are grown. Together with his wife, Suren works hard to gather a good harvest and sell it in the local market. He has applied for this loan to pay […]

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Saparkul – Food Stall (Ana-Kyzyl, Özgön (Uzgen) Kyrgyzstan)

Saparkul is a 49-year-old widow with a high school education, and is the mother of 5. She operates a stall selling rice at the central market in the city of Uzgen. Her goal is to improve her family’s standard of living, to give her children a university education, and to expand her business. She is […]

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Dimitri – Agriculture (Vaka, Georgia)

Dimitri is 25 years old. He lives with his wife, parents, brother and grandmother in a small village in Khashuri district. The family runs an agricultural business, with two cows used to produce milk used in cheese production, as well as 2.5 hectares used to grow potatoes, tomatoes, maize, haricot and onions. The loan of […]

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Bahrom – Farming (Shahrituz, Tajikistan)

Bahrom is 21 years old and lives with his mother. He has a secondary education and operates a small family farm producing vegetables and melons for the local market. The loan is to assist in production and is provided through MLO Humo, which supports the underserved Tajik population living in rural areas by providing financial […]

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