All contributions to the ProPhilanthropy® Fund will be used to support microfinance projects that are proactively and efficiently promoting individual and community development. Contributions to the Fund are tax-deductible as donations to Advancing Compassion Project, a 501(c)(3) public benefit charitable organization (U.S. EIN # 45-3462507). Under current terms of the fund, contributions will be invested and reinvested on a recurring basis until at least December 31, 2017, following which funds may be made available in the form of grants to enable a new generation of projects to receive microfinance funding and/or otherwise achieve sustainable impact.

Thank you for providing critical support that can bring about long-term impact for people’s lives!

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CORPORATE MATCHING. Many businesses will match employee charitable donations. If your company will match your gift, please complete your paper or online application through your employer.

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