ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Saparkul – Food Stall (Ana-Kyzyl, Özgön (Uzgen) Kyrgyzstan)

Saparkul is a 49-year-old widow with a high school education, and is the mother of 5. She operates a stall selling rice at the central market in the city of Uzgen. Her goal is to improve her family’s standard of living, to give her children a university education, and to expand her business. She is sociable, smart and energetic, and started her business 13 years ago with initial sum of only 2,500 Kyrgyzstan Som (~$50) Besides working in retail, she is also actively involved in animal husbandry and has a farm that includes 4 head of cattle. Saparkul sought a loan to help her expand her business and increase revenue by buying and selling more rice.

The loan is being handled by Bai Tushum, which means “rich harvest” in Kyrgyz language. The company’s mission is to be a reliable financial partner contributing to the economic development of the Kyrgyz people through the delivery of microfinance services in rural and urban areas that lead to increased employment and meet the interests of its clients and investors.

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