ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Steven Mugisha – Business Administration (Kigali, Rwanda)

Working in business administrator is Steven’s dream. To achieve his goal, Steven has enrolled in Kigali Institute Of Education. He plans on graduating in June, 2014 but without a loan he fears that he will need to defer his graduation. With a $563 loan, Steven plans on using the funds to pay his tuition while he saves his salary from his part time job. One of his biggest challenges has been making time to work and go to school. With a career in business administration, he expects to earn $24 a day, a substantial increase from before. Steven’s parents were never able to complete their primary education. For his family of 6, finances have always been tight. With two older siblings attending college already, Steven is unsure how he will be able to finance his education on his own without the assistance of a loan. Steven currently works 40 hours a week as a Store Keeper to help afford his school and living expenses.