ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Nguyet Bui Thi – Teacher (Vietnam)

Nguyet loves young children and loves teaching them their first steps into the world. Even though she didn’t have an official degree, she started working as a kindergarten teacher because she loved it so much. She remains excited about teaching and playing with the children every day and never finds it tiresome, putting in 48 hours of work per week. Now, however, she would like to get a university degree to become more knowledgeable about the job she loves and to become better at it. This additional qualification would also give her a higher ranking and increase her salary so that she can better provide for their two children. Nguyet cannot pay the full amount of the tuition at this time because she needs to use her salary to take care of her own children. She is very thankful for this loan because it enables students like her to keep their dreams alive and accomplish what they have always hoped to do.