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Lalthanpari and Group – Service & Retail (Aizawl, Mizoram, India)

A tailor by profession, Lalthanpari says, “I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way”. She is 31 years of age and the featured borrower member for Zamzo Group. She lives with her husband and two kids. Her husband is a concrete builder and his income is unreliable as it is entirely based on work availability. The other group members are also cost-effectively generating income for their respective families. They unite as one group to assist and support one another in times of their need and called themselves “Zamzo Group”. All group members reside in the same neighbourhood and they are hard-working tribal women from Aizawl, one of the north-eastern states in India.

As a tailor, Lalthanpari wanted her customer to be happy with her tailored garments. Her tailored clothes are ladies tops, skirts, coat, over-coat, etc. Most of her customer are women and kids. The customer largely depends on her regarding the cloth, as she can give suggestion for the design that one prefers. She charges them for the cloth and the tailoring thereby, she makes more income. Her tailored clothes are well known for the fine lines and flawlessness. She gets more demand than she can supply. Sometimes she is short of cash to purchase and stock the clothes material.

She wants a loan to purchase more fabric from the neighbouring states. Aizawl people are fashionable and ready to pay if it is worth the price, so Lalthanpari wanted to deliver more quality dresses to earn more money. She is hopeful that she will gain more confidence from her customer and aspires to own her own shop in the days to come.

The rest of the group members are engaged in Tailoring, Garment Business and Grocery shop and need loans to expand their businesses. Together they are seeking a loan of Rs 75,000 for the same.

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