ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Joseph Alexander Mills-Beale – Graphic Design (Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana)

Joseph dreams of becoming a designer. Joseph is currently attending TAKORADI POLYTECHNIC, working towards his degree in Graphic Design. He plans on graduating in July, 2014 but without assistance he fears that his only other option is to find a job which will defer his graduation. With a $369 loan, Joseph plans on using the funds to pay his tuition while he saves his salary from his part time job. With a career in Graphic Design, he expects to earn $27 a day, a substantial increase from before. As the youngest of 3, with no other siblings attending college, Joseph is unsure how he will be able to finance his education on his own without the assistance of a loan. Joseph’s father works as a Pensioner and his salary is the family’s primary source of income. Developing creativity has been a habit since Joseph was an infant. His chosen profession gives me an opportunity to develop and hone his creativity. He strongly hopes that the completion of this honorary course of study will go a long way in benefiting himself since he will earn from his job and be able to support his family. His community will also benefit from the knowledge that he will acquire by way of the professional advice whenever needed. Joseph appreciates and advocates that all philanthropic, non governmental organizations and the likes from all over the globe to embrace and support this noble idea of helping to educate the under privileged in the society for the total achievement of the mission and vision of Vittana and its partners world wide.