ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

José Heriberto – Agriculture (El Salvador)

José, 22, is single and works growing corn to earn income and help his mother with expenses. He’s been working in this activity for four years having learned in on his own initiative since he grew up with his mother only and had to find a way to help her out economically. José wants to work in order to have economic wherewithal at home and to provide his mother with what’s needed improving their life more every day.

José has decided to apply for a new loan because he will carry out a new sowing of bulk grains for which he will buy manure, weed-killers, and other farming supplies that are necessary to carry out his work and continue providing food for his family.

José believes that through the previous loans his production has increased, considering that he has invested in the materials necessary to improve his production. With this he has fed his family, and he has also managed to sell some. Thanks to the lenders his economic situation has improved.

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