ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Gerardo Holguin Salazar – Accounting (Lima, Peru)

Gerardo’s goal is to become an accountant. This will enable him to lead and contribute to the business sector, and be of benefit to the community. Furthermore, his good salary will help ensure an optimal quality of life for his family. Gerardo plans on graduating in December 2014, but without a loan he would either have to postpone his education or his mother would have to sell their house, their only long-term asset. A $2,246 loan will enable Gerardo to pay for tuition. As an accountant he expects to earn $32 a day and he is looking forward to using his experience and resources to help his family and contribute to his community. Gerardo is very appreciative of this funding program and says that it directly attacks the main cause of poverty in society: the lack of access to high quality education due to limited financial resources.