ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Dorothy Ofori Sarpong – Business (Ghana)

Ghana had recently discovered large quantity of crude oil, without the human resource to manage this industry will amount to nothing. This is why I chose this field to also contribute in a small way. Completion of the program will enable me to get the opportunity to be recruited and be put on payroll which also be a benefit to me and my family.” Dorothy is currently attending Ghana Telecom University College, working towards her degree in business with the goal of working in oil and gas management. She expects to graduate in June, 2014 but without a loan is unsure how she will be able to continue affording her education. She shares that her alternative would be to take time off from school to work and save money until she could return. Dorothy shares that it is important to her to graduate on time so she can enter into the job market as soon as possible. With a $1,534 loan, Dorothy plans on using the funds to pay her tuition while she saves her salary from her part time job. One of her biggest challenges has been making time to work and go to school. With a career in accounting, she expects to earn $51 a day, a substantial increase from before. Dorothy is married with her own child but this has not stopped her from pursing her dreams. With a professional degree and a career in accounting, she will be able to provide her family with a better life. Dorothy currently works 40 hours a week to help afford her school and living expenses.