ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Abrahatsiyone – Food Retail (Washington DC, United States)

Abrahatsiyone is originally from Eritrea, in East Africa. She is a mother of four children. Abrahatsiyone has been operating a food truck in the DC metro area for the past 23 years, primarily selling hot dogs, chips, snacks, drinks, and a few Ethiopian food items such as injera, a traditional handmade bread.

Last year Abrahatsiyone began observing that her customers were requesting healthier food options. The size of her existing food truck limited Abrahatsiyone’s ability to offer more variety in her menu, like Ethiopian or Eritrean food and salads and soups.

Abrahatsiyone decided that she needed to purchase a larger food truck to meet the requests of her customers.

Until recently, Abrahatsiyone operated the business entirely on her own. She realized that she could use some assistance to stock and set up her inventory in the food truck. When a homeless man visited the truck asking for food, Abrahatsiyone offered him a part-time job.

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