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Mwanamisi – Retail (Tiribe, Kenya)

Mwanamisi is 21 years old and married to Hamadi. They have two children, so both of them work tirelessly to provide them with everything they need to have a better life. She owns a store selling utensils. She is requesting the loan to buy more utensils to restock her shop. She is grateful for the […]

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Rosita – Food Retail (Dili, Timor-Leste)

Rosita is 29 years old. She runs a shop in the market and she will use the loan to buy food to keep in her store such as tofu, chicken and vegetables. She is making good money from the shop and she wants to apply for a bigger loan in the future. Rosita is living […]

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José Heriberto – Agriculture (El Salvador)

José, 22, is single and works growing corn to earn income and help his mother with expenses. He’s been working in this activity for four years having learned in on his own initiative since he grew up with his mother only and had to find a way to help her out economically. José wants to […]

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Kelvin Isael – Agriculture (San Carlos, Morazan, El Salvador)

Kelvin has decided to apply for a new loan because he has more opportunities in his work. He plans to buy a cow with a calf and sell more milk. This will also help him increase the size of his herd. In Kelvin’s experience the loans have been very satisfactory because he has been able […]

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Hijos Del Sol Group – Clothing (Independencia, Santiago, Chile)

This communal bank is called “Hijos del Sol” (“children of the sun”, in English) and has eighteen entrepreneurs, all of whom have different businesses. There are electricians, upholsterers, photographers, craftsmen, clothes vendors and dressmakers, among others. All of the entrepreneurs live in the Independencia commune, in the city of Santiago. In flowery shorts and a […]

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Nashon – Clean Water (Mumias, Kenya)

Nashon is a married man. He has five children, with ages ranging from 2 years to 10 years. He describes himself to be a humble and honest man. Nashon operates a retail business where he sells ropes. His business is located in a busy market and his primary customers are local residents. He describes his […]

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Julmira – Food Retail (Liquiça, Timor-Leste)

Julmira is 28 years old and is married. She has a child that is still under age. Julmira operates a kiosk in front of her house. She also raises animals, such as pigs, goats and chickens, in her house that she can sell to generate some income. She is taking a loan to buy some […]

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Dufatanye Gasiza Group – Farming (Rwanda)

Solange is 32 years old and has five children between the ages of four months and 12 years. Three of her children attend school and she has two other dependents in her care. Solange is on her second loan cycle, and with this loan, she is going to purchase 200kg of potato seeds, chemical fertilizers, […]

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Angelito – Farming (Magleticia, Echague, Isabela, Philippines)

Angelito is a 29-year-old farmer. He is still single. Despite this situation, he is preparing for a future wife and children. He is looking for a way to make a better living, so he will be blessed with a responsible wife. Angelito is requesting a loan to use in his farming business, specifically to buy […]

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Nuri 2 Group – Food Retail (Jatinegara, Indonesia)

Ninis is 38 years old, and has 5 children, including Anggi (14 years old) and Ikhsan (10 years old), who are still in school and a 2-year-old toddler, Nur. Her business sells fried chicken and is located 200 meters from her house. She has run this business for 4 years. Her business income will help […]

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