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Faapalagi – Clothing (Vaimoso, Samoa)

Faapalagi is a married woman with 9 children. She is requesting this loan to buy new materials to make elei (hand-printed fabric) and printing. A loan helps Faapalagi to buy new fabric materials, painting boards, threads, needles etc. View Larger Map

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Thy Dong – Agriculture (Cambodia)

Thy Dong is 47 and married with two children aged 26 and 9 – the youngest is at school while the eldest is already working. Thy lives with his family in Thoul Lvieng village, Odambang II commune, Sangke district, in Battambang province. Thy and his wife Chou have worked as rice farmers for the last […]

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Abrahatsiyone – Food Retail (Washington DC, United States)

Abrahatsiyone is originally from Eritrea, in East Africa. She is a mother of four children. Abrahatsiyone has been operating a food truck in the DC metro area for the past 23 years, primarily selling hot dogs, chips, snacks, drinks, and a few Ethiopian food items such as injera, a traditional handmade bread. Last year Abrahatsiyone […]

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Makerita – Agriculture (Mulivai Leauvaa, Samoa)

Makerita is a 48-year-old married woman with 6 children. She has a small plantation and grows taro, bananas, etc. to earn a living. She has been doing this for many years. Makerita has requested a loan to help with her children’s education. With her profits, Makerita hopes to expand her business and help supplement her […]

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Unión Progreso Group – Retail (Huarochiri, Peru)

The group “Unión Progreso” (Progress Union) consists of 12 enthusiastic members. Maria Felicita is one of the members. She is married and has 5 children, of whom she continues to support one. Maria Felicita sells school supplies, since she has a bookstore in her home. This business is the result of her effort, and, with […]

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Maranatha Group – Food Retail (Brazzaville, Congo)

Marie, age 40, is a member of the Maranatha group. Marie sells bread with assorted toppings at her local market. Many people stop at these small bread stands for a quick lunch or snack during the day. She provides several options to put on the bread, including cheese, sausage, chocolate, butter, and peanut butter. She […]

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San Judas Tadeo Group – Food Retail (Vicente, Oaxaca, Mexico)

San Judas Tadeo is the name of a group located in a sugarcane region where the people work in the fields, sowing and harvesting sugarcane. This group is made up of seven people. Each of them has a financial activity: Virginia sells groceries, Paula sells food, Ines sells clothing, Eufemia sells tortillas, Sara sells clothing, […]

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Suren – Agriculture (Shirakavan Village, Shirak Region, Armenia)

Suren is involved in agriculture. He keeps 5 cows and 50 chickens, cultivates wheat and also owns a plot of land where apple and pear trees are grown. Together with his wife, Suren works hard to gather a good harvest and sell it in the local market. He has applied for this loan to pay […]

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Carlos – Food Retail (Choluteca, Honduras)

Sr. Carlos, 53, lives with his wife in southern Honduras. His wife helps him with his business and every other way, too. Don Carlos has operated a retail fruits and vegetables business in his town for 15 years. He operates the business in a good location, right in the middle of the town, and the […]

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Monte De Benedicion Group – Clothing (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Francisca is a member of the group “Monte de Bendicion” (Mount of Blessing) 1, 2 & 3. This group is located in the urban slums surrounding Santo Domingo. The members are dedicated to doing business around their community and other villages, selling clothing, shoes, cosmetics, underwear and many other products. Francisca sells used clothes that […]

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