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Shubam Soni and Group – Education (Jaipuir, Rajasthan, India)

Shubham, Vikram, Hemant, Sudhanshu and 6 others are a group of youngsters from small towns in and around Rajasthan. They aspire to get good jobs and lay the foundation for careers that will bring them success and a good living. They all wish to take up training course offered by Edulight Careers – some of […]

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Zolbayar Hureldulam – Law Enforcement (Mongolia)

Becoming a police officer has always been Zolbayar’s dream. Zolbayar was accepted into HSIS and now, with the chance to achieve his dream, he is concerned about affording tuition fees. Zolbayar plans on graduating in June 2014, but without a loan, he thinks that he may need to take time off to work and save […]

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Thy Dong – Agriculture (Cambodia)

Thy Dong is 47 and married with two children aged 26 and 9 – the youngest is at school while the eldest is already working. Thy lives with his family in Thoul Lvieng village, Odambang II commune, Sangke district, in Battambang province. Thy and his wife Chou have worked as rice farmers for the last […]

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Rosita – Food Retail (Dili, Timor-Leste)

Rosita is 29 years old. She runs a shop in the market and she will use the loan to buy food to keep in her store such as tofu, chicken and vegetables. She is making good money from the shop and she wants to apply for a bigger loan in the future. Rosita is living […]

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Julmira – Food Retail (Liquiça, Timor-Leste)

Julmira is 28 years old and is married. She has a child that is still under age. Julmira operates a kiosk in front of her house. She also raises animals, such as pigs, goats and chickens, in her house that she can sell to generate some income. She is taking a loan to buy some […]

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Angelito – Farming (Magleticia, Echague, Isabela, Philippines)

Angelito is a 29-year-old farmer. He is still single. Despite this situation, he is preparing for a future wife and children. He is looking for a way to make a better living, so he will be blessed with a responsible wife. Angelito is requesting a loan to use in his farming business, specifically to buy […]

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Nuri 2 Group – Food Retail (Jatinegara, Indonesia)

Ninis is 38 years old, and has 5 children, including Anggi (14 years old) and Ikhsan (10 years old), who are still in school and a 2-year-old toddler, Nur. Her business sells fried chicken and is located 200 meters from her house. She has run this business for 4 years. Her business income will help […]

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Ma. Corazon – Food Retail (Bago, Negros Occidental, Philippines)

Ma. Corazon is a married woman who lives in Bago City, Negros Occidental. She earns her living by operating a business buying and selling rice grains. Her husband Alfredo G. D., who is 46 years old, works as a farmer to earn his living. He also helps with his wife’s business activities. They have 2 […]

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Dong Hai Group – Material Services (Thanh Hoa, Vietnam)

Hoa is 38 years old. She is married and has two children. Hoa lives with no dependents in Thanh Hoa city, a urban town in Thanh Hoa province. Hoa has a service business, shipping sand. Hoa has been involved in this business for more than 10 years. One of the most critical business difficulties that […]

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Shbana’s Group – Sewing (Pakistan)

Shabana (left in photo) has applied for a loan for her sewing business. She is very talented and has been operating her business for the past many years. With the loan investment she will buy a new sewing machine that will allow her to do her work more efficiently and to finish her clients’ orders […]

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