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Vladimir – Farming (Vinogradovo, Ukraine)

Vladimir farms in Vinogradov. He has one hectare of land, three greenhouses which are 300 (meters long) and one which is 500. Vladimir grows flowers and cabbage. He hires workers during the planting and harvest, thus providing jobs for the villagers. What’s more, Vladimir’s entire family and his parents are involved in the business. He […]

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Marina – Agriculture (Huancavelica, Peru)

Marina is 37 years old and is a hardworking woman. She lives with her husband, Juvenal, and they have seven children which they care for in the home they inherited from her mother and where she has lived since birth. Raising different kinds of crops is her specialty and she has been farming all this […]

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Erlinda Del Carmen – Agriculture (El Salvador)

Erlinda lives with her husband and has two children, who are four and two years old. She works alongside her husband in farming, which allows them to have the food they need to survive with their children. They plant corn, beans, and sesame. She learned the planting process when she was a little girl and […]

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Daniel – Beekeeping (Likoni, Kenya)

Daniel is a married father of two children. He lives in the Likoni area of Coast province, Kenya. Daniel is a farmer, a trade he has run for twelve years. He plants pawpaws, bananas and cassava. Now, he now plans to diversify into beekeeping. With his loan, Daniel will buy beehives and pay for their […]

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Sitha Chea – Farming (Batambang Province, Cambodia)

Sitha is 38 years old and married with four children, aged between 16 and 5 years old. All of them are enrolled at school. They live in the Battambang province, where he farms dry season rice in around one hectare that can produce around three tons of rice. In addition, he has another plot of […]

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Rosalino Pauta Sanchez – Farming (Catamayo, Ecuador)

Rosalino is a farmer from the district of San Francisco in Catamayo. He initially started farming helping his parents and married when he was 28. His wife later died of cancer, and he was left in debt related to her medical treatments, which he eventually succeeded in repaying through his farming activities. Don Rosalino now […]

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Samart Oeurn – Farming (Wat Kandal, Battambang Province, Cambodia)

Samart Oeurn is 45 years old. She is married with six children, aged between 29 and 5 years old. The family lives in a small village (Wat Kandal) in Battambang province, where she and her husband farm cassava and rice. Since cassava requires a year to grow and be ready for the market, they are […]

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Juanita Gata – Farming (Sta. Paz, Matalom, Leyte, Philippines)

Juanita Gata is 49 years old and has four children aged 10, 16, 19 and 28. Along with her 52 year old husband Armando, Juanita works as a rice farmer in Leyte province. In addition to rice, they also maintain banana trees and grow other fruits, all of which sold at their local public market. […]

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Andrei – Agriculture (Dneprovka, Ukraine)

Andrei lives in Dneprovka village, where he has been involved in growing vegetables for around 12 years. He has several greenhouses, where he currently grows tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes. He also works as a welder in his free time, making greenhouses for other farmers. Andrei requested a loan through HOPE Ukraine to enable him to […]

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Altin – Agriculture (Albania)

Altin is a 27-year-old man from southern part of Albania who worked in Greece until recently. He is married, has a one-year-old daughter, and is expecting another daughter soon; when he found out Altin could not hide his excitement. His family, meaning his parents, owns land where they planted for ten full years. They received […]

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