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Daniel – Beekeeping (Likoni, Kenya)

Daniel is a married father of two children. He lives in the Likoni area of Coast province, Kenya. Daniel is a farmer, a trade he has run for twelve years. He plants pawpaws, bananas and cassava. Now, he now plans to diversify into beekeeping. With his loan, Daniel will buy beehives and pay for their […]

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Rema II – Clothing (Ngozi, Burundi)

The group Rema II consists of four women and one man. Two female members, Joséphine and Jeanine were sick the day the loan was granted. For that reason, they are represented in the photo by their respective husbands Aloys and Pascal. Jacqueline is the representative of the group Rema II. She lives in Ngozi. She […]

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Mufari Group – Food Retail (Goma, North Kivu Province, Dem. Rep. of Congo)

Nsimire is treasurer for the Mufari group, a courageous entrepreneur, and mother of seven children, all of whom go to school. Her spouse is a teacher at a public school. Nsimire sells foodstuffs. She stocks up in the countryside. She started this business with her own funds that she received from her husband. This new […]

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Astou’s Group – Retail (Senegal)

The ‘banc villageois’ which houses this group was created on December 12, 2011. It is composed of 28 women who live in the same village. Their main work includes small-scale commerce and selling fish. Ms. Astou, the featured borrower of the group, is 29 years old. She is married and the mother of a girl. […]

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Segun – Renewal Energy (Lagos, Nigeria)

BlueOcean Energy and Technology Services is a subsidiary of BlueOcean Nigeria, an organisation that was incorporated in 2007 and targeted specifically at the base of the pyramid (BoP) markets in Nigeria. In view of the huge potential that the company identified for energy services, especially in rural areas, BlueOcean Energy started business in 2011 as […]

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Theodora Betty Hyde – Human Resources (Ghana)

Theodora is from Korle-Gonno, Ghana and is pursuing a degree in Human Resources. She is interested in Human Resources because she can diversify to any field of industry. She currently makes monthly payments for her education from her salary and with assistance from family and friends. She may have to seek different funding if she […]

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Moses Quarshie – Banking (Ghana)

Moses, like everyone else, dislikes the term “school dropout”. Not getting a loan to complete a course in Banking would make him a school dropout. He wants to learn Banking to secure a job, earn and support his family. Moses also has a desire to further impart his knowledge to his community and the society […]

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George Mireku – Business Administration (Ghana)

George is from Akim Oda, Ghana and is studying business administration. He hopes to have a well-rounded education to pursue a career in any field of business that appeals to him. He wants to use his education to be able to invest in other people in his community. Currently his sister helps him pay some […]

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Kodjovi Agbessi Vikoum – Food Retail (Bè-kpota, Lome, Togo)

Kodjovi is a shopkeeper from Bè-kpota in the Togolese capital Lome. He is 33 and married but does not have any children yet. Kodjovi’s sells mainly maize, rice and sugar. He buys the staple grains from northern Togo from particular villages where he has established relationships with farmers, then brings them back to sell in […]

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Justine Odouinsi – Retail, Health (Pobè, Benin)

Justine is married woman, mother of 3 children, two of them still living at home. Her husband is a motorcycle taxi driver. Justine is 52 and never went to school or received any training, but since 1994 she has been running a business. She prepares and sells “tisane”, a type of tea consumed widely in the community. […]

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