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Grace Ago Engmann – Banking (Accra, Ghana)

Grace has always dreamt of becoming a banker. Grace is currently attending Pentecost University College, working towards her degree in banking. She plans on graduating in May, 2013 but without a loan she thinks that she may need to take time off to work and save until she can return to school. With a $1,682 […]

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Nicholas Kwame Bejoe – Education (Ghana)

Nicholas is very passionate about teaching. He is currently attending Berekum Teacher Training College, working towards a diploma in basic education. He is the youngest of 11 with just one older sibling attending college and is married with one child. In addition to his responsibilities at school, Nicholas currently works 26 hours a week as […]

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Nana Kusi Frimpong – Teaching (Ghana)

Nana dreams of becoming a professional teacher but without a degree knows it may never be possible. To achieve his goal, Nana has enrolled in Offinso College Of Education. He plans on graduating in June, 2013 but without a loan he fears that he will need to defer his graduation. With a $506 loan, Nana […]

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Maranatha Group – Food Retail (Brazzaville, Congo)

Marie, age 40, is a member of the Maranatha group. Marie sells bread with assorted toppings at her local market. Many people stop at these small bread stands for a quick lunch or snack during the day. She provides several options to put on the bread, including cheese, sausage, chocolate, butter, and peanut butter. She […]

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Mwanamisi – Retail (Tiribe, Kenya)

Mwanamisi is 21 years old and married to Hamadi. They have two children, so both of them work tirelessly to provide them with everything they need to have a better life. She owns a store selling utensils. She is requesting the loan to buy more utensils to restock her shop. She is grateful for the […]

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Nashon – Clean Water (Mumias, Kenya)

Nashon is a married man. He has five children, with ages ranging from 2 years to 10 years. He describes himself to be a humble and honest man. Nashon operates a retail business where he sells ropes. His business is located in a busy market and his primary customers are local residents. He describes his […]

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Dufatanye Gasiza Group – Farming (Rwanda)

Solange is 32 years old and has five children between the ages of four months and 12 years. Three of her children attend school and she has two other dependents in her care. Solange is on her second loan cycle, and with this loan, she is going to purchase 200kg of potato seeds, chemical fertilizers, […]

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Paul – Food Retail (Kagadi, Uganda)

Paul is a married man, age 32, with two children who have not yet started school. He is a produce dealer involved in coffee and ground nuts, which he started as a major business to sustain the family. Paul is also involved in farming as an additional source of income; he operates these businesses in […]

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Kambi – Food Retail (Tiribe, Kenya)

Kambi is a 21-year-old single gentleman who lives with his parents in the rural area of Tiribe. He has been running his own kiosk for four months. He used to work in farming. Since he is still in his initial stages, he has just few products. Kambi is asking for a loan to buy beans, […]

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Arche de Noe Group – Clothing (Goma, North Kivu Province, Dem. Rep. of Congo)

Mutima is the leader and chair of the “Noah’s Ark” lending group. She is an entrepreneur, over 50 years of age, married and the mother of six children, all of whom study. Some of them are university students, and several have their own households. She sells used clothing and is a member of a modern […]

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