ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Vinh Dinh Van – Mechanic (Vietnam)

Vinh has always loved electronics and machinery. He would love to use his knowledge to help improve features on our current cars as well as come up with new designs for better cars. He says a university education is very important because it helps him gain very useful knowledge that will benefit him very much when he starts working, and will enable him to have a good and productive career. At this point in his studies, a computer is essential and he couldn’t really continue without it. His parents cannot afford to get one for him so he would have to take on some part-time jobs, but this would prevent him from focusing fully on his studies and he wouldn’t be able to maintain his good grades. He sends many thanks to the donors for providing Vietnamese students like him with the opportunity to study full time and become as knowledgeable as possible in the careers they dream of.