ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Vergilio Pitogo – Trader (Cebu, Philippines)

Vergilio is a 49 year old married man with four children, aged 12, 18, 22 and 27. His eldest works as a farmer while the rest are still studying at the local school in Cebu city. His wife Elenita works as a local farmer as well. Vergilio is engaged in the buying and selling of agricultural products in the province. He serves as a link between small farmers and large suppliers of goods, and mainly focuses on corn which is popular in the Philippines. Virgilio hopes to work with more local farmers as well as increase income for his family and support his children’s further education.

The loan will be used to provide capital for the business and is provided through SEEDFINANCE which supports micro- to small-scale entrepreneurs engaged in commerce, agricultural and livestock production, and small-scale manufacturing and service provision.

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