ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Sundewmar Salapan – Education (Pagadian City, Philippines)

Sundewmar dreams of becoming a teacher. Sundewmar is currently attending J.H. Cerilles State College, working towards his degree in teaching. He plans on graduating in March 2013, but without a loan he fears that he’ll need to defer his graduation. With a $366 dollar loan, Sundewmar plans on using the funds to pay his tuition while he saves his money for later expenses. Sundewmar has 2 brothers and a sister and with zero other siblings who were able to attend post-secondary training, Sundewmar is unsure how he’ll be able to finance his education without the assistance of a loan. Sundewmar’s father works as a welder and his mom works as a secretary, which for their family of five means that their finances have always been tight. Together, his father and mother earn $6 a day. Once he graduates, Sundewmar expects to earn $8 a day, which is more than his parents have ever earned.

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