ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Mujeres al Triunfo – Food and other retail (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

This is a group loan to Mujeres al Triunfo (Women to victory) is composed of 15 women who operate various businesses in relatively poor urban neighborhoods surrounding Santo Domingo.

Juana (pictured far left) is the coordinator of the group. She lives in a simple structure with her long-term partner, and says that her biggest challenge is to have savings, because with it she can reinvest, provide for her children, and have a plan for the future.

Juana runs a ‘Pica Pollo’ cafe where the principal dish is fried chicken with plantains or potatoes. She has been running her business for almost four years. She sought a loan to be able to acquire additional supplies at a better rate, including chickens, plantains, potatoes, cooking oil, and other items like disposables. She will use the profits to save and reinvest in her business

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