ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Isaac Afful Gaizie – Business (Sowutuam, Ghana)

Isaac dreams of becoming a professional in the Global Strategy and supply chain management field. He is currently attending Pentecost University College, Ghana, working toward his degree in logistics and supply chain management. He plans on graduating in July 2014, but without a loan, he fears that he will need to defer his graduation. With a $634 loan, Isaac plans on using the funds to pay his tuition while he saves his salary from his part time job. In addition to his responsibilities at school, Isaac currently works 25 a week and earns $8 a day. With a career in business, he expects to earn $22 a day, a substantial increase from before. With one older sibling already attending college, Isaac is unsure how he will be able to finance his education on his own without the assistance of a loan. Isaac’s father works as an artist, and his salary is the family’s primary source of income. For a family of six, finances have always been tight. To help out, Isaac began working at age 18 (and continues to work 25 hours a week). He is very thankful for this program and says that without it, many students like him would not have been able to complete their education and start their careers.