ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Hong Do Thi – Teacher (Vietnam)

Although many people are afraid of Math or say they can’t do it, it always makes perfect sense for Hong. Hong has loved all things mathematical ever since childhood and can explain it in a simple way that others can understand. With the recent advances in technology, Hong has also become interested in Information Technology and would like to teach this as well as Math. She would love to transit her passion to the next generation and get them excited about it too. At this point in their studies, students need a computer in order to complete all of the assignments. Without it, Hong would not be able to take certain classes or become properly qualified. She have to take several part-time jobs in order to pay for the computer, but this would have a negative effect on her studies as she wouldn’t be able to focus fully or study as hard and do as well as she usually does. She gives many thanks to lenders for providing her and other Vietnamese students with this opportunity to continue studying her favorite subjects full-time.