ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Grace Ago Engmann – Banking (Accra, Ghana)

Grace has always dreamt of becoming a banker. Grace is currently attending Pentecost University College, working towards her degree in banking. She plans on graduating in May, 2013 but without a loan she thinks that she may need to take time off to work and save until she can return to school. With a $1,682 loan, Grace plans on using the funds to pay her tuition while she saves her salary from her part time job. With a degree in banking she expects to earn $14 a day. With four older siblings Grace is unsure how she will be able to afford her tuition fees on her own without the assistance of a loan. Grace is married with her own children but this has not stopped her from pursing her dreams. With a professional degree and a career in banking, she will be able to provide her family with a better life.

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