ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Ervin Firmansyah – Information Technology (Indonesia)

Ervin dreams of becoming a computer technician and becoming part of the technology generation. Ervin is currently attending SMK Hass Assabul Yamin, working towards his degree in computer technician. He plans on graduating in June 2014 but without a loan he fears that he will need to stop his education, go back to work full time and then come back to school after saving some funds. With a $312 loan, Ervin plans on using the funds to pay his tuition while he lives off the wages from his part time job. As a computer technician, he expects to earn $11 a day, a substantial increase from before. As the youngest of 2, with 1 older siblings already attending college, Ervin is unsure how he will be able to finance his education on his own without the assistance of a Loan. He invites people from all over the world to visit his beautiful city of Cianjur in Indonesia.