ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Delfin Berdeja Mendizabal – Civil Engineering (San Andrés, Bolivia)

Delfin dreams of becoming a professional but without a degree knows it may never be possible. To achieve his goal, Delfin has enrolled in the Universidad Mayor De San Andrés. He expects to graduate in June, 2013 but without a loan is unsure how he will be able to continue affording his education. He shares that his alternative would be to take time off from school to work and save money until he could return. Delfin shares that it is important to him to graduate on time so he can enter into the job market as soon as possible. With a $1,531 loan, Delfin plans on using the funds to pay his graduation fee. This fee is often more expensive than the semester’s tuition and is a frequent impediment for graduating students in La Paz. Delfin currently works 40 hours a week. One of his biggest challenges has been making time to work and go to school. Currently Delfin earns $29 a day. With a degree in business he expects to earn $68 a day. With two older siblings attending college already, Delfin is unsure how he will be able to finance his education on his own without the assistance of a loan. Delfin’s father’s salary is the family’s primary source of income. Delfin hopes to be able to contribute towards his family’s income in the near future. To help afford his school and living expenses, Delfin currently works 40 hours a week.