ProPhilanthropy Beneficiary

Ablavi Mawoulawe Okla – Retail (Atakpame, Togo)

Ablavi is a young woman of 30 who has 3 children. Her eldest child is 8 and her youngest is 3. Her two older children are enrolled in school. Ablavi lives in the district of Elisee 2000 in Atakpame with her husband. She runs a restaurant in her neighborhood district which caters to students and features dishes of rice and pasta. She employs four women who assist in preparing and serving meals. She sought a loan to buy additional supplies and to redevelop her restaurant. The loan is being provided through WAGES (Women and Associations for Gain both Economic and Social), which was started in Togo by CARE in 1994 and provides both financial services (such as small loans, savings and money transfer facilities), as well as technical training (such as business administrtation, management, marketing and accounting), and health awareness.

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